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  • How do thermocouples work?
    How do thermocouples work?
    21. April 2020 by
    Deutsch EnglishThermocouples belong to a large group of thermometers. Simplified described, a thermocouple is made of two simple wires. They are mainly used for industrial measurements in large quantities. They are most often used at high temperatures. But how can you measure temperatures with two wires?  ...
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  • How do resistance thermometers work?
    How do resistance thermometers work?
    3. March 2020 by
    Deutsch English Resistance thermometers are widely used and are often used for more precise temperature measurements. The usual temperature range of them is between about -50 °C to 600 °C. However, there are also special applications where resistance thermometers are used from -200 °C to over 1000...
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